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Occupational Services

Occupational Health Physiotherapy service based on the your needs.

Workplace Assessments

Our physiotherapists come into your worksite to evaluate working conditions and assess risk factors. We will identify potential occupational health hazards, and work tasks that may lead to discomfort, pain and injury (DPI). We will work with staff members and managers to develop processes that decrease the risk associated with occupational tasks.

Risk Identification

Our physiotherapists can work with you to identify risks and hazards associated with work activities, processes, equipment and environmental conditions. These are then assessed to find new approaches to jobs and tasks that will decrease the risk.

Work Hardening

Preventative and rehabilitative. This is specific for manual workers, to help them develop the strength and techniques for their jobs. Particular focus is around back care and lifting. This may also be implemented for injured staff wishing to rehabilitate back to work from surgery or injury.

Staff Training

Our physiotherapists will educate staff about identifying work tasks with potential risks for their health and safety, and teach ways to avoid developing discomfort pain and injury. We can offer lectures on safe lifting, workstation set ups for computer operators, and prevention of DPI.

Workstation set-up

If you are in a new office, have a new desk or if you have developed discomfort pain or injury at your current workstation, our physiotherapists can come in and assess your set-up. This will be adjusted to suit you and your needs to maintain comfort through the day. We will also advise on strategies to eliminate or mitigate a sedentary work day.

Rehabilitation programs and Graduated Return to Work

Our physiotherapists help workers who have been off work with injury to safely return to their pre-injury hours and duties at work. This can involve a gradual return to work programme, with work hardening being carried out within the workplace, or in some cases a home or gym based fitness and strengthening program to rebuild work fitness. We can recommend alternative duties if appropriate.

Occupational Injuries:

  • low back strains
  • headaches
  • tendonopathies – shoulder, hip, knee, achilles
  • tennis elbow
  • golfers elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • myofascial pains
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